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Having a web site is really important to your business these days. Customers use the Internet to find what they want and will give their business to those companies that they can find easily and that look professional and trustworthy.

www.High.St gives you this professional edge. We will link to your web site if you have one (free for small businesses) or create a web page for you if you don't. We will also provide you with a memorable business email address in the form: YourBusiness@YourTown.High.St and link this to your existing account.

No Web Site of Your Own?

We will provide you with a one page site for just £120+VAT*. All we require are your basic details, the text you would like (we can advise) and perhaps a brochure or letterhead so that we can add some appropriate colour and a logo. If you send us a couple of photographs, we will incorprate those for you too. *A subscription to the email service for a minimum of 12 months at £5/month (plus VAT) is also required.

Below are some examples of the pages that we have created to give you some ideas. Click on the small page to display the full sized site. Joining www.High.St is the best way for a small business to get a professional presence on the web and get recognised by the search engines. Don't delay - Contact Us Today! (01309 672547). More information. Benefits.

Brambles Ladies fashions The Scottish Shop
Forres Antiquarian Bookshop
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